Fall Landscaping Tips to Keep Your Grass Alive This Autumn

Fall Landscaping Tips to Keep Your Grass Alive This Autumn

Winter and fall are harsh on your lawn, leaving behind dried leaves and grass that is barely hanging on. Follow these fall landscaping tips to keep your yard looking beautiful and alive this autumn. 



Fertilizing your lawn is essential during the fall. Nitrogen in grass roots protects the roots from freezing in cold weather. Since grass roots do not produce the same levels of nitrogen as they do during the spring, fertilizing gives grass roots enough energy to bounce back in the spring. It keeps your grass healthy, green, and thriving!


Aeration during the fall can help your lawn stay healthy. Autumn is the perfect time to aerate because of the cool air temperatures and warm soil. Remember to aerate before you seed your lawn to make sure the seeds can make direct contact with the soil. 


Similar to fertilization, seeding your lawn is another part of fall lawn care. Spread grass seed to fill in any thin or sparse spots in your lawn and to introduce new grass roots into the soil. Autumn is actually one of the best times of year to overseed your yard because the ground is still warm from the summer and conditions are still optimal for the seeds to germinate. 

Don’t Stop Watering 

Though it is fall and the sun isn’t drying up your soil, continue to water the lawn. Rainfall and excess moisture will contribute to your lawn’s health, but it might not be enough water to keep the grass roots alive, especially if you’ve done a lot of seeding or fertilizing. Water the lawn with an automatic sprinkler and adjust as the days grow colder and dryer. 



Water, aerate, seed, and fertilize your lawn to keep it alive through fall and winter. When spring rolls around, it will flourish! 

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